Hawaiian Rice Bag Clothing

Dave and Shirley of Goo Enterprise have created "Hawaiian Rice Bag Clothing" reminiscent of childhood days in Hawaii. Locals learned young "How Fo' Cook Rice", and since mom neva waste not'in, we wore rice bag shorts.

Local artist Dennis Fujitake brought our expressions of Aloha to life featuring our logo "Budda Dave". May we bring you back to da place and da day you wen learn "How Fo' Cook Rice".

Look for the icon for the very latest products. Need a Bib? BIB UP 'n GRIND Hawaiian Style ! Click here! Also check out our newest products using rice bag prints on tee-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, bandanas, aprons and more. Also check out new lower prices!

Recent News:

2017-12-30 13:34:11
There is limited stock of products available for Bibs and Tote Bags. We do have more already made which are not shown PLEASE CALL or EMAIL US if you would like to know what is available. Our main seamstress (me, Shirley, is recovering from spine surgery but should be back to sewing by March 2018).
2016-08-04 07:12:11
2 for 1 sale! Order one pair of Vintage Rice Bag Shorts and receive a second pair for free.

New Products:

Make Poke Tank
Hapi Coat - Hapi Bunnies
Large/XLarge Shorts
Scrub Top Small - X-Large